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Calton Portrait sm.jpg

Calton Relanas

Life has not been kind to Calton Relanas, but he manages to keep a cheerful disposition and friendly, outgoing personality in the face of it. Orphaned at a young age when his farmer parents were forcibly removed from their land and perished in poverty, Calton was essentially raised by the famed Eresgot family due to his friendship with Ratel Eresgot, youngest son of war hero Wilfrem Eresgot. This secured him a place in the Ternian City Guard, and a front row seat to the events of the night Relex Unara was assassinated. Since then, Calton has found himself sucked into a maelstrom of politics, magic, conspiracies, and danger. Nevertheless, he has tried to keep a positive outlook on the changes hitting him left right and center. Just how much damage can a cheerful outlook withstand? He intends to find out.

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