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It is a time of tremulous peace in the kingdom of Faranin. Centuries of bloody warfare have finally ended, and the lands have been united under one crown. This delicate balance is threatened when a daring attack on the capital leaves a prominent councilman dead, a host of unanswered questions, and indications that not everyone is content to live in peace. For Calton Relanas and Ratel Eresgot, two young guardians of the city, the attack signifies something else: opportunity. For Calton, it has given him the chance to show he is more than a simple farm boy; for Ratel, it means the opportunity to succeed without the aid of his famous family name--the chance to prove that he can make it on his own.

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Yet, what first appears to be an isolated incident soon turns into something far more complex--and insidious. Political backstabbing, greed, and ambition have combined with the forbidden art of magic to create a mystery and a threat deeper than anyone can suspect. A long-planned series of events has been set in motion, and time is running out. Both men race to uncover secrets buried beneath blood and time, intent on solving a mystery centuries in the making. Neither is prepared for the journey they will embark on, or for the dangers that await them. In a kingdom where everyone has something to hide and nothing is as it seems, the only certainty is that the storms of vengeance are coming.

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