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Ratel Portrait sm.jpg

Ratel Eresgot

The name Eresgot carries a degree of prestige in Terne held by no other name outside the royal family. Wilfrem Eresgot and his family are the stuff of legends -- the clan that brought an end to a war that had lasted untold generations. For Ratel Eresgot, Wilfrem's youngest son, it is more a burden than a point of pride. Any commendation or recognition is viewed with suspicion by the young man, who wants nothing more than to succeed or fail on his own merits. His entanglement in the events surrounding the death of Relex Unara seem to be just that: an opportunity to distinguish himself without his father's name. Quiet and sometimes sullen, Ratel is not well-known, often disappearing in the shadow of the accomplishments of his brothers or father, or wilting beside the brighter light of his garrulous best friend, Calton Relanas. Yet, Ratel has patience and insight that those around him often lack, and he is learning how to use them to his advantage.

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