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Lady Krysanthia Jarkon

Krysanthia is a rare talent in the Church of Yrisas: a woman of remarkable memory and natural talent, able to instinctively understand and treat physical wounds -- even if treating mental and emotional wounds is a far more difficult task. Beautiful, intelligent, confident, and cold, she is difficult to know and nearly impossible to befriend. Her faith and her art are her only true companions. She is a good choice in many ways to join the mission to Balashad, as she understands men like Commander Faren: men driven almost exclusively by a sense of duty, who give little heed to personal desires or emotions. Yet, her past is a troubled one, and cracks form in her icy demeanor in the face of emotional anguish. Her faith will be tested in ways she could never have expected before leaving the comfortable confines of her church in Terne, and beliefs she once held dear may be shattered by the harsh outside world.

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