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Selen Portrait sm.jpg

Selen Cadacus

There are few enigmas in the Faranin military to match First Veteran Selen Cadacus. A long-time friend of Wilfrem Eresgot, he spent a great deal of time with the Eresgot family during the war, serving as a sort of surrogate uncle to the children. Ratel in particular remembers him as a man who was often about to lend aid, both when Wilfrem was at his family's estate, and when he was away on campaign. An accomplished warrior and horseman, he quickly became a trusted officer for Commander Faren Artharum when he was given control of Terne's military. After witnessing the attack by the troll, Orsack, on the city of Terne, he became deeply immersed in the investigation into the events, and found himself traveling to a part of the world he had hoped never to see again: The Jungles of the North.

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