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The Gods

The Gods

Yrisas - Black hair, slightly tanned skin, a neat black goatee, and steely gray eyes. He wears white and red robes.

Orsack - A giant, hairy man dressed in animal skins and with a tangled mess of light brown hair.

Ninegas - A smaller, thin man with a pointed black goatee, a slightly twirled mustache, and wearing black robes. There is a tattoo of a rose on his right hand

Esteva - Golden-haired and wearing chain armor of blue and gray with a shield across her back and a sword at her side

Aeriettna - A beautiful, dark-skinned woman (though not as dark as Krysanthia) wearing white robes.

Gantevoth - Red-skinned and androgynous, wearing yellow robes and carrying no weapons.

Daphine - a pleasant-looking, middle-aged woman with red hair and green eyes. She wears robes imprinted with flowers.

Grizela - Green-skinned, large woman (though not as large as Orsack), with a troll-like face, wearing crude battle leathers and with an axe across her back.

Nezzelock - Not in the group picture. He'll have his own portrait, where he has dark brown hair and black eyes. He is wearing black and red clothing and wearing a black-hilted sword at his side. He is smiling, but not in a friendly manner.

Jolonox - A merphite carrying a spear and net -- blue-skinned with red patches.

Reseas is the larger of the world's two moons.

Koras is the soul-keeper. Slightly different than a specter of Death, with a grim face but a quiet demeanor.

Kristol - A goddess from Magnicolis. Not known on Faranin.

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