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Faren Portrait sm.jpg

Faren Artharum

Aside from the famed Wilfrem Eresgot himself, there is possibly no one in the Faranin military as well-respected as Commander Faren Artharum. Wilfrem's third in command the last several years of the war, Faren was rather unexpectedly selected by both Wilfrem and King Aretlan to take the retiring Wilfrem's place as head of the military. For a man born and bred in combat like Faren, leading an army in peacetime has proven complicated. The assassination of Relex Unara complicates things even further. Faren is a disciplined, generally calm man focused on procedure, order, and method. He is also reticent even with those closest to him, and details of the man's past beyond his sterling military service are sparse. To many of his men he appears to be entirely without personal needs or desires, but this is far from true. Faren is a man of deep needs and deeper convictions. Most, but not all, of those desires simply revolve around service to his kingdom, and a deeply ingrained desire to protect all that he holds dear.

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