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Keras Urame

For Keras Urame, son of wealthy merchants and the very definition of sheltered, life was not complicated. He had his books, his scrolls, and his beliefs that had never been tested or threatened in any way. Keras enjoyed a life of quiet solitude in the musty, rarely-used Hall of Tarloni. He never ventured outside the city's walls, and the world outside the city's walls rarely went to him. When a young soldier named Calton Relanas arrived in his hall, looking for answers to what appeared at first to be a fairly meaningless question, his life quickly went from simple and quiet to complicated and dangerous. The addition of a Vessaria woman named Nalu and an elf that called itself Elerad only added to that confusion as he began questioning his choices, his future, and startlingly, his past. Quiet and polite, Keras found himself in increasingly different company, the farther from home he traveled, and parts of himself he had never even considered before were suddenly tested: loyalty, integrity, and above all, courage.

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