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Wilfrem Eresgot

Wilfrem Eresgot served as High Commander of Terne's forces for the final decade of the War of Unification, when the forces of Terne, Roe, and Segova defeated the armies of Kreone and Lorat and united the lands of Faranin under the crown of Terne and its king, Aretlan. This proved a particular challenge for Wilfrem, as his family originally hailed from Lorat, and there was a great deal of concern in Terne regarding his potentially conflicted loyalties. Wilfrem had proven himself skilled both on the battlefield and in politics, however, and persuaded enough powerful allies to his side. When Lorat turned its attentions on his family's castle to the east, he redoubled the assault on the kingdom, using Segova's cavalry under the guidance of the young Commander Irteras to outmaneuver Lorat's infantry and both save his family's holdings and ultimately end the lengthy conflict. After the war Wilfrem left his family holdings under the control of his wife while he oversaw his various business interests in Terne. The untimely death of his daughter, however, continues to haunt the man, and has strained his relationship with his three sons to one degree or another.

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