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Dural Portrait sm.jpg

Durayl Silverborne

One hires Durayl to get the job done. It might not be neat, it might not be pretty, but it will get done. Durayl is ruthless and does not allow things like morality and empathy to get in the way of his task. Durayl has accumulated and employed a group of the world's most unusual individuals to assist in his tasks -- people and creatures that would not have a place in civilized society, but possess powers or abilities that are unique. He passes no judgement on his employees' pasts or proclivities, provided they do not interfere with their duties. He is also unwilling to put his people in any form of danger he would not be willing to risk himself, and so is always the first into any situation when possible. As for Durayl's past, he will discuss it with no one, and his people know better than to ask questions.

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