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The Capitals of Faranin


The capital of the newly-established Kingdom of Faranin, and the largest city in the realm. It is also one of the newest, lacking the history and culture of Roe, Segova, Kreone, Lorat, or Balashad. Terne, like its people, is efficient, organized, and not prone to sentimentality. It has weathered storms and war, attacks both magical and mundane, and always come out on top.

Established in the year of our Lord Yrisas, 322, the city began as the manor of a successful merchant, built on the shores of one of the land's largest lakes. As time passed and the merchant's influence and wealth grew, people in his employ began establishing settlements around the manor. When the monstrous, black palace of Terne replaced the manor is the subject of some historical debate, though it is known that it was built by arcane means, as were the walls constructed around the city. As people came from far and wide, they set up hovels, inns, shops, and eventually houses of their own around the city walls, and more walls were constructed to house these new citizens.

An alliance was established between Terne and the city of Uremshir, as both declared their independence, though the subject of which of the neighboring kingdoms claimed ownership of the two cities was also the subject of some debate. Blessed with natural defenses on all sides, the city proved impossible to retake by force of arms, and was left to its own devices.



Roe is a land of extremes and harsh existence. With most of the land made up of bare rock and dry ground unsuited to farming, the land's people have had to learn to exist off the bare minimum. Mining is the chief export, with the the Asregarde Mountains providing ample gold, silver, copper, and iron ore. Most of the meager settlements, including the capital, are built along the territory's few rivers. The buildings are squat, ugly, and made to withstand the harsh winds that often rage across land.

Lord Nerium, young, brash, and arrogant, rules the territory.



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