Minor Characters

Boaran - A farmhand and habitual drunk in the town of Driam. Boaran was married to Estantia, and was a frequent guest/annoyance at the Winding River Inn, where he could be counted on to drink until the bartender threw him out into the street. He was also a bully who chose to bully the wrong small, cloaked form one fateful evening.

Burne - A veteran of Terne's army and a respected figure from the war, Burne is also more than a little slow, and deeply uncomfortable with any activity that does not involve swinging an axe.

Commander Deltess - The lord commander of Fort Herioch, the northern outpost given the duty of guarding the shores of the Karees from the barbarian hordes of the Jungles of the North. Deltess has a complicated and difficult history with his commanding officer, Commander Faren. 

Dersam - Father of Nalu and Taskmaster of one of the thirty-six Vessaria clans. Dersam is friendly and garrulous at a glance, but his easy smile and friendly words conceal a devious, calculating mind that is always hunting for a means to improve the condition of his clan, no matter the cost to anyone else.

Elerene - A girl on whom Ratel was once fixated, though she had an eye for his best friend, Calton, instead. Though he has not seen her in years, Ratel's thoughts sometimes linger on her and the betrayal he felt at her relationship with Calton.

Eragon - Third in command of the armies of Terne, Eragon is an outstanding swordsman, belied by his rather slovenly and weak appearance. Despite his abilities as a warrior, his leadership abilities are often questioned as it is believed he bought his way to his rank, and does not possess sufficient fortitude or courage to hold his position.

Erild - A long-time member of the Ternian Army, Erild eschewed the traditional and more public/profitable route of leadership via a veteran's rank in favor of joining the little-seen but highly-respected elite corps, where he was given the task of guarding the city's treasury. Stone-faced and dutiful nearly to a fault, Erild was both respected and feared by his compatriots.

Erlinda Eresgot - 

Estantia - The small, frail wife of Boaran married her husband in an attempt to escape her own miserable home experience, only to find herself in something even more soul-crushing in the tiny town of Driam. Miserable though she was married to her drunken lout of a husband, his death would have left her destitute if not for the unexpected interference of a stranger.

Gosaj - One of the oldest and most respected veterans in the Faranin military, Gosaj was from humble origins, and was thus never able to reach the rank of Captain, despite his formidable legacy. Despite that, Gosaj was a rare veteran in that he reported directly to the commander rather than through either of the Faren's captains. He commanded the army's elite unit, which was given such tasks as guarding the royal treasury, the council chamber, the King's chambers, and the Black Prison.

Governor Virtil - The ruler of the town of Tarloni was a distant cousin of Aretlan Himself, and was eighteenth in line for the throne. He was a man deeply concerned with image above all else, and spent a great deal of time and resources on appearing both wealthier than he was, and more knowledgeable than he was via his commitment to Tarloni Hall. Still, he was not considered a poor governor, and he did put work into the city's well-being, though this was more for his own gain than any concern for the people over whom he ruled.

Grimm - A rogue Vessaria with a taste for the finer things in life, who found that ambushing unwary travelers in Tarloni Forest was far more profitable than using his people's traditional means of making their way in the world.

Hermas - A bully and criminal all of his life, Hermas was blessed with a strong and heavy frame and a distinct lack of morals. He hired himself out as a cheap thug to various criminals around Terne, before winding up in the employ of a rogue Vessaria named Grimm, which led him deep into Tarloni Wood one fateful night.

Indorum - A sailor in the employ of Captain Reinoa. Indorum was an easy man to dislike, filled with anger over his lot in life and inability to advance in what he saw as an unfair world. He resented nearly everyone, though he did hold a grudging respect for Reinoa and her abilities as a captain.

Jorius Athexium - A rotund, middle-aged guard assigned the late shift on a portion of Terne's southern wall. Jorius is a veteran of the wars, but has not used a weapon in combat in many years. Married with two children who have since moved on to lives of their own, he enjoys the peace, quiet, and routine of late night guard duty, but not the surprise that awaits him the night Durayl and his people arrive in Terne.

Lellar Argoyle - A First Veteran in the Terne military and head of one of the army's cavalry units. His unit is selected for the journey to Balashad to investigate Poranus's assertion that the city had been destroyed. A competent, quiet, dutiful man who earned praise for valor and quick thinking in the waning days of the war.

Orius Margrem - Captain of the City Guard in Terne, Orius was a childhood friend of Captain Toren, though their relationship faltered at the end of the war, when Orius married Toren's former lover, Lady Darcies.


Porum - Porum worked most of his life as a farmhand in Kreone before getting too friendly with a wealthy farmer's daughter and being driven into a life of wandering. Porum was more lazy than cruel, typically taking whatever job paid the best with the least amount of work involved. This led him into the employ of Grimm, robbing travelers along the highway between Terne and Tarloni. This also led him into a confrontation with a vengeful foerst demon one fateful night.

Sereesa - A Vessaria woman in the employ of Durayl Silverborne. Sereesa is middle-aged, quick with a knife, light with her fingers, and mean as a snake. Her employment ends rather abruptly near the shores of the Karees River.

Uthmon - A guard posted to Fort Herioch, he immediately recognizes Commander Faren and states that he once reported to the man. Faren has no recollection of this, however, and Uthmon's later actions indicate that he may not be what he claims.

Yaori Karum - 

Yathren - An oarsman in the employ of Captain Reinoa. Yathren talks low, talks slow, and doesn't say too much. Thinking is a bit uncomfortable for him, too. He's more likely to latch on to someone brighter and more ambitious than himself and follow their lead, provided he likes the look of where he's being led.